All videos found here are only standard MIDI sounds and do not represent the full extent of the pieces.

Own composition "Wavering Rain" - My first full piece, written in march 2018 (new improved version in planning) consiting of Piano, Drums and Bass

Own Composition "A Tragedy in Autumn" - A bigger project, written in 2019

(new improved version in planning) consisting of Piano, String quartet, Upright bass, Cowbells, Taiko Drums,Taiko basedurm, Concert Basedrum and Toms

Arrangement of Heaven shall burns "Black tears" - Biggest project so far,

a full arrangement as Jazz Big Band Version of the Metal piece with seperate parts and so on for: 2 Alto sax, 2 Tenor sax, Baritone sax, 4 Trumpets, 3 Trombones, Bass Trombone,

Piano, Bass and Drums (new improved version in planning)

Sound Engineering

7 Unreleased Recordings and Mixes in the Genres Rock, Metal, Indie, Funk and Folk

Recording and recording assistant for the EP "Mark of the Sinner" by Ghost Empire


5 Songs Recording + Mixing + Mastering for the Band Room69:

Blues - Feel with me

Reggea - Locomotive Breath

Rock - Parents Crime

Ballad - I Put a Spell on You

Rock - Walls

Mp3 of Feel with me for old Browsers (lower quality!)

Mp3 of Locomotive Breath for old Browsers (lower quality!)

Mp3 of Parent Crime for old Browsers (lower quality!)

Mp3 of I Put a Spell on You for old Browsers (lower quality!)

Mp3 of Walls for old Browsers (lower quality!)